WHEW, Google fixed the burger emoji in Android 8.1

30 November, 2017, 13:10 | Author: Lorena Waters
  • Oh Google how could you mess up something so simple so sacred

The world is upside down in a lot ways, but a month after Google faced blowback from its flawed burger emoji, the company has put the cheese where it belongs.

Nearly a month after a virtual war broke out over which lies first - the cheese or the patty - the Google CEO has delivered, with the cheese slice on top.

It was provoked by Twitter user Thomas Baekdal, who tweeted a screen shot of Apple and Google's burger emojis side by side, raising questions over where the cheese should go. It got intense to the point when Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself got involved, promising that they would drop everything to look into that matter (that was a joke if you didn't get it). Well, he kept his word. Android 8.1 Oreo will have Google place the cheese above the patty.

The whole revelation was eye-opening, and after seeing Google take the feedback to heart and rid its software of the culinary abomination, concerned emoji users breathed a virtual sigh of relief. The emoji used in Android had the cheese slice placed at the last, something which was incorrect. The company also improved the beer emoji to ensure froth is no longer present at the top of a half-full beer.

Left is wrong and right is right obviously but what about that second reflection in the beer mug? I'm not sure everyone will be pleased with that second reflection
WHEW, Google fixed the burger emoji in Android 8.1

These adjustments are part of a beta update, and, as Emojipedia pointed out, may change before the public release expected later this year. Later, Google also served "Android burgers" to its employees at its Seattle office. The arrangement called for the patty to be placed first, followed by the cheese slice and then the lower bun to seal the deal. The website is regarded by many as the Wikipedia of emojis.

By now you have probably heard about the great burger debate of 2017. Another emoji that has been fixed is of the cheese, which now has refined edges on the holes and readjusted colour tone.

The new Google burger emoji in the updated version of Android now matches all the others where the cheese sits on top.

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