Utah Nurse Forcefully Dragged From Hospital and Arrested For Doing Her Job

03 September, 2017, 05:35 | Author: Ora Austin
  • Utah nurse

Alex Wubbels explained to Payne she couldn't draw blood because it would violate hospital protocol, but adding she would be happy to do so as soon as they got a warrant.

Wubbels refused the request, citing a hospital policy which does not allow blood to be taken from an unconscious patient unless the patient is under arrest, unless the patient gives consent or unless there is a warrant from a judge.

The video shows Wubbels calmly telling Payne "I'm just trying to do what I'm supposed to do".

Wubbels appeared at a press conference August 31 and said she wants people to see what happened so that it doesn't happen again.

At one point in the video, Wubbels is on the phone with her boss and asks Payne once more if the patient it under arrest. The most startling point in the footage, however, can be seen at the end when Detective Payne forcefully drags Wubbels into a police auto as she screams "help me" to bystanders.

She later shouts "I did nothing wrong". Why is this happening?

Wubbels did say the apologies she received from the mayor and Chief Brown were honest and she appreciated them reaching out. "Why is he so angry?" A 2016 U.S. Supreme Court ruling affirmed that a blood sample can not be taken without patient consent or a warrant. In the video of the July 26 incident, you can see the officer make the arrest for obstructing justice.

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Alarming footage has emerged showing the moment a nurse is aggressively arrested because she was following hospital procedure. The only job I have is to keep my patient safe. I said we're done!'

Payne then arrests Wubbels for "interfering with a criminal investigation". He said the blood-draw policy "hadn't been updated for a little bit", but it has since been changed and training is scheduled for all officers.

A Utah nurse claims that a police officer assaulted and handcuffed her when she refused to hand over blood from an allegedly unconscious patient.

The nurse and her lawyer released the body camera footage to the public after they received lukewarm responses from the city and the police department following the incident. "We've been working with Ms. Wubbels and her attorney to make sure steps necessary so that something like this doesn't happen in the future".

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Wubbels was not charged.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown said in a statement on Friday that he was "alarmed" by the video footage and that the department had apologized.



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