Nasrallah: I Met Assad over ISIS Evacuation to Syria

03 September, 2017, 05:32 | Author: Ora Austin
  • A Free Syrian Army fighter takes cover during clashes with Syrian Army in the Salaheddine neighbourhood of central Aleppo

A Britain-based war monitor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said dozens of the Isil fighters had left the stranded convoy in an attempt to reach Isil-held Deir al-Zor province by themselves.

Beirut- Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said on Thursday he had traveled to Damascus to meet head of Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad to request the evacuation of ISIS militants from their enclave on the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

Lebanon's Hezbollah group said in a statement on Saturday that US warplanes were stopping buses in an Islamic State evacuation convoy that had left Syrian government territory from advancing further into IS areas.

Their path though, blocked by US-led warplanes. In accordance with the law of armed conflict, the Coalition has struck ISIS fighters and vehicles, including a tank, armed technical vehicles, and transport vehicles seeking to facilitate the movement of ISIS fighters to the border area of our Iraqi partners.

Lebanese, Syrian and Hezbollah forces agreed ceasefires with IS militants last week days after attacking the jihadists' final foothold in the Lebanon-Syria border area.

The deal has angered Iraq and the USA, which launched airstrikes Wednesday to block the convoy's advance.

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"The issue of refugees is very hard for Lebanon because it has a great deal of weight on the economy, the environment and security", said the Lebanese prime minister, who receives more than 1.2 million Syrian refugees.

Under the arrangement negotiated over the weekend, the fighters and their relatives were allowed to leave in return for the bodies of nine captured Lebanese soldiers, the bodies of three Hezbollah fighters and the body of an Iranian military adviser.

They also said the consecutive victories, which have been achieved in Iraq or Lebanon or elsewhere thanks to the religious leadership and faithful fighters, herald a new era in the world.

USA airstrikes on Wednesday destroyed a small bridge and cratered a road, forcing the convoy to halt.

"The buses have not made it to ISIS-held territory and we will stick with what we said yesterday and that is we can strike ISIS elements without harming civilians whenever and wherever we will", Dillon said, using a term to refer to IS.

Russia, which is providing air support to Assad's forces, says capturing the oil-rich Deir el-Zour province is the current military priority.



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