This $449 ASUS Mixed Reality headset looks rather gorgeous

31 August, 2017, 00:36 | Author: Lorena Waters
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But Microsoft did not invent the concept or phrase Mixed Reality.

Microsoft has announced that the first Windows Mixed Reality devices will be supported by a number of early VR games now available, including support for Steam and SteamVR. Dell also notes its cable management system as evidence of the headset's thoughtful design; all cords are routed to the back of the headset to help with mobility.

Currently, tethered VR headsets have mostly seen adoption among hardcore gamers, but Microsoft hopes that its latest updates will broaden the market to more mainstream consumers. This summer, a promotion brought the price down to $399, including the hand controllers.

Microsoft has been revealed this week new consumer Windows Mixed Reality headsets will soon to be made available from manufacturers such as HP, Acer, Lenovo and Dell priced between $350 and $499.

Microsoft's "mixed reality" programme encompasses both AR (in the form of HoloLens) and VR. Notably during a 30-minute play session with the headset on a Mixed Reality Ultra-specced PC (with a 1080 GPU no less), it was hard to notice any obvious issues with the headset's lower-quality LCD displays. 'As a creator, it is inspiring to see the world embrace mixed reality; to see organisations and developers stretch the boundaries of what we can do with technology.

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The headset's price is supposed to be "affordable", but it's really not cheap at all compared to more established headsets. Microsoft execs said they're aware of this and say it's related to the way Minecraft is designed (you kind of slide along the landscape) and are working on adjusting the motion for VR.

Besides the visors and motion controllers from HP, Dell and others, the holiday push will include Windows Mixed Reality PCs.

Windows Mixed Reality PCs: will consist of desktops and laptops with integrated graphics. The company is introducing two levels of Windows Mixed Reality-compatible PCs depending on the kind of content that MR customers want to run and the level of performance at which they want to run it.

Microsoft released a sizzle reel of some of the available apps, which include Dreams of Dali, SuperHot VR, and GoPro 360-degree videos, among others. It, too, was connected to an Acer Mixed Reality headset, but instead of controllers, I get a single Xbox controller.



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