Understanding the Bran/Night King Theory From GAME OF THRONES

27 August, 2017, 01:09 | Author: Warren Cooper
  • Game of Thrones The White Walkers New Threat and Biggest Weakness Set Up Season 8

After losing one of her beloved dragons to the Night King in Season 7's "Beyond The Wall", things have taken a drastic turn in Game of Thrones.

Or at least we think we have. Joramun was the King-Beyond-The-Wall who joined forces with the Stark King Of Winter to defeat the infamous Lord Commander known as the Night's King. But now that he's the very weird, mostly inactive new Three-Eyed Raven, Bran is starting to look a little amusing in the light. We know he was of the First Men, the original human inhabitants of Westeros, who became more inclined to Greenseeing because of their affiliation with the Children of the Forest; we know that he most likely has some high level warging ability as well, given his ability to raise the dead into wights and control their actions; we also know he's been around for approximately 12,000 years - ample time to sufficiently hone his magical capabilities - far more than Bran, who at the moment is a comparatively green Greenseer.

There was also the scene earlier this season where Bran tried to watch the undead army through the eyes of a raven, and the Night King pushed him out.

Three of the White Walkers are equipped with one of these: the ultimate, state-of-the-art, anti-dragon ballistics - one for each dragon.

Another part of theory that unfolds with this is the idea of the voices telling the Mad King to burn all of them was it really Bran Stark telling them to burn the White Walkers?

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So is the Night King simply a powerful Greenseer that was turned to the side of the White Walkers by the Children?

Bran being the Night King could also explain the recently introduced "vampire rule:" that if you kill a White Walker, you also kill all the wights it sired. Now that we know the Night King has a limitless Home Depot credit card, maybe the giant chains he got there to pull Viserion from the lake can be used to go over the Wall. Scroll up if you don't believe me. If the life of an individual White Walker determines the existence of individual wights, might the life of the Night King determine the existence of White Walkers? Facebook has already worked with major studios like NBCUniversal to test interest in masks among users, and more brands and ad agencies are starting to jump into the platform. But if Jon and his men can't take down the night King in this way, they can still use their newfound knowledge to chip away slowly at the rest of the White Walker army. Which is why he had weapons not just ready, but close to him, that could destroy dragons. What more dramatic and peculiarly ideal a tragi-happy ending than Jon Snow becoming King following the death of Dany - the woman he loves - leaving him a bereft yet heartbroken King of the Seven Kingdoms? In that case the Night King could just be their elected leader (or something like that), but not have any unique powers over them.

There's no reason to throw an ice spear you know is going to miss, for instance. Because it's bad enough that the Night King has an army that only grown the more it kills their enemies, but knowing what's going to happen before you do?

Westerosi legends tell of ice dragons whose cold breath freezes men as quickly as dragonflame melts them, but there are no stories of fire-breathing dragons being raised by the Night King.

The question is whether someone who can see into the future would ever allow himself to be put in that position.


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