Yet Another Orca Dead at SeaWorld

18 August, 2017, 00:25 | Author: Garry Little
  • SeaWorld Orca Euthanized After Lengthy Illness

Kasatka's death follows Kyara, who died three weeks ago at the age of three months at the SeaWorld in San Antonio, according to The Independent.

San Diego SeaWorld's killer whale Kasatka, a mother of four, was euthanized Tuesday after she didn't respond to treatment for bacterial lung disease.

Caretakers made a decision to euthanize her after her quality of life had been compromised.

Kasatka, a 42-year-old killer whale that SeaWorld calls the matriarch of its orca family, died Tuesday night, marking the second orca death in a month at the marine parks. He had shared photos of Kasatka with open sores and lesions on her face and skin, which indicated a massive fungal infection.

"Although I am heartbroken", she added, "I am grateful for the special time we had together and for the difference she has made for wild orcas by all that we have learned from her. I will miss her very much".

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which for years has protested SeaWorld's keeping of orcas and more recently warned of Kasatka's declining health, said in a statement that "the dead bodies at SeaWorld are stacking up about as fast as its stock is falling".

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Kasatka's captivity began when she was caught in 1978 when she was captured and then sold to SeaWorld. SeaWorld said all the orcas seem to be healthy.

In late July, the last killer whale to be born in capitivity at the park died just three months after its historic birth. Katsatka is now the third orca death this year at one of SeaWorld's marine parks.

Last year, SeaWorld promised to stop breeding killer whales in captivity. It has moved lawmakers to attempt to ban orca captivity, companies to pull out of partnerships and researchers to study large ocean animals. "While the loss of Kasatka is heartbreaking for the animal care, veterinary and training teams, as well as the entire SeaWorld family, our focus is to continue the care of the rest of the orca family at the Orca Encounter facility".

Kasatka had been diagnosed with the condition in 2008, the park said.

Across its US and overseas parks, there are 33 killer whales, nearly all born in captivity.

Currently, there are 10 orca whales in the San Diego SeaWorld: five males and five females. They are the last generation of captive killer whales after the company announced in 2016 that it was ending its breeding program and would start phasing out the hallmark orca shows. The company's public image has suffered and attendance at its parks has declined.



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