Threatened By North Korea, Governor of Guam Draws Comparison With Israel

16 August, 2017, 06:07 | Author: Lorena Waters
  • Bulgaria Sweden Urges Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to'Come to Their Senses

Meanwhile, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe used a telephone call on Tuesday to praise Mr Trump's commitment to protect USA allies in the region and halt missile launches from Pyongyang.

"For now, there is no threat (of war), but believe me, there is the possibility of a nuclear missile aimed at Denver, which is a serious threat", he said. "But it's not declaring war, it's not that I'm over here Dr. Strangelove doing things like that", he added.

Trump's warning came after the North Korea threatened to fire ballistic missiles over Japan towards the US Pacific island of Guam.

The latest missile tests led to a sharp rise in tensions.

President Donald Trump responded by promising Mr Kim "fire and fury like the world has never seen" should he ever threaten the USA again. They also hinted at continued pressures on Beijing and Moscow to step up their own sanctions against the North. "T$3 he US will continue to request Chinese and Russian commitments not to provide the regime with economic lifelines", they wrote.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that Kim might conduct another missile test but talk of being on the cusp of a nuclear war was overstating the risk. It did not identify which media. But just as Kennedy, backed by vast nuclear superiority, looked for ways for the Soviet Union to extricate itself from the Cuban missile crisis, so should the Trump administration be searching for ways North Korea can escape from the corner into which its reckless leader has painted the country.

Another American, college student Otto Warmbier, was released in June in a coma and died shortly after his arrival in the United States.

Last week's threat against Guam escalated the sharp rhetoric being exchanged between the two sides.

The tentative interest in diplomacy follows unusually combative threats between President Donald Trump and North Korea amid worries Pyongyang is nearing its long-sought goal of being able to send a nuclear missile to the USA mainland.

"Dear Supreme Leader has spent a long time to review the plan to attack Guam by surrounding it and conferred with the leaders present", reads a translated statement by Yonhap, attributed to KCNA, the state news agency of North Korea.

China warns of trade war with US
If an investigation begins, the USA government could seek remedies either through or outside of the World Trade Organization. Trump has requested similar inquiries on trade, but the reports haven't been delivered on deadline.

"If the United States continues to pose serious danger around the Korean peninsula, as [we have] previously enunciated, a serious decision will be announced", Kim reportedly said, according to KCNA.

"We know within moments where it's going", he said of any potential launch.

Gov. Eddie Calvo sees the growing tension as an opportunity highlight Guam's unusual relationship with the rest of the United States - and possibly make changes.

There were widespread calls in the USA for President Lyndon Johnson to send a flotilla of ships to North Korea rescue the crew of the Pueblo and take the ship home.

The phone call with the French President came hours after Trump spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The US and South Korea will start their Ulchi-Freedom Guardian joint military exercises on Aug 21 and analysts have warned that North Korean is likely to time its next missile or nuclear test next week to signal its unhappiness with the drills, which Pyongyang view as preparations for an invasion.

Senior Trump administration officials have said that the United States is not interested in regime change, and has no desire to "inflict harm on the long-suffering North Korean people".

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, meanwhile, a liberal who favors diplomacy, urged North Korea to stop provocations and to commit to talks over its nuclear weapons program. But it also reported that leader Kim Jong Un would watch USA conduct before giving his orders for the test.

It appears to signal a path to defuse the crisis by saying Kim would watch any USA behaviour before giving the order to fire.

Benjamin Habib, a Korea expert at Australia's La Trobe University, said opinions about military drills fall into two broad camps.



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