Trump's White House Brings Chaos to Black Journalists Conference

13 August, 2017, 00:57 | Author: Ora Austin
  • Omarosa Manigault spars with panel at black journalist convention

Manigault was later asked by one of her fellow panelists whether or not she felt hypocritical for joining an administration that appears "hostile" to African Americans, Manigault explained that "you don't want away from the table, because if you're not on the table, you're on the menu". You see them thrown in rough.

Heading into the forum, numerous conference attendees said they were steeling themselves for the appearance of Ms. Manigault-Newman, who became famous on "The Apprentice" and has had several fiery exchanges with journalists.

When the moderator, journalist Ed Gordon, started to ask how she can sit the same White House as Trump, Omarosa was clearly offended. "The most powerful part was when some attendees stood up and turned their backs to her, they stood for the whole time, didn't yell or respond when she said something in their direction".

Gordon, who had shared a tweet prior to the meeting about his career being "built on controversial interviews", the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, went toe-to-toe with the 43-year-old by saying "I'll ask the questions in my way".

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While Manigault-Newman admitted Trump's remarks were not appropriate, she also took civil rights activists to task for refusing to meet with the president.

"Shame on you", Manigault -Newman told Gordon just minutes after coming on stage. When Gordon said he wanted to talk about Trump, Manigault tried to bring the conversation back to her personal story for a panel which was centered on those who have lost loved ones to violence. "You inform them of what's going on in the community so they can be an advocate".

Several journalists who were scheduled to be on the panel pulled out of the event after Ms. Manigault-Newman was added. "Honestly it was a total mess but one that accurately shows the divide between the mindsets of the African American community in this country today", she said. When asked about her involvement in policy-level discussions, Manigault-Newman attempted to divert the question and told the audience to Google the work that she's done for Eric Garner's family, writes the outlet.

Before giving the microphone to Glover, Gordon called the panel a "quagmire" that had "reached the point of diminished returns". It began when the name of President Donald Trump was mentioned.



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