Overwatch is getting more chaotic with a new Deathmatch mode

12 August, 2017, 00:16 | Author: Lorena Waters
  • Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Tank and damage-focused characters will obviously be favored in the mode, but the healer will have the ability to take away kill credits from the opposing team with her ultimate ability. Games like COD require 75 or 100 kills in order to win a game of Team Deathmatch and they're played on maps that are much smaller than that of Overwatch.

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that Overwatch deathmatch mode is now available in the PTR.

Interestingly, Overwatch's deathmatch mode will be a little unconventional compared to what players are used to. The first mode, Free-For-All, consists of matches where players compete to be the first to reach 20 kills.

But don't be jumping onto Battle.net to patch the game just yet - the new mode and map is now only available in the Public Test Region for PC users. Details regarding the new map are still scarce and Blizzard has yet to provide images of what it even looks like.

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One twist in Overwatch's version of Team Deathmatch involves Mercy. If you're down for playing either of these game modes, you will ultimately be able to find them in the Arcade where all other modes are chosen and can win some loot while you're at it. In addition, Blizzard has created variants of existing maps to better support deathmatch games. It's called Château Guillard, and you can see it in action in the developer update video above.

Overwatch has been an objective-based shooter since its launch a year ago, but that hasn't kept fans asking for traditional deathmatch modes. Console players, you'll likely have to wait a few weeks for Blizzard to iron out all of the bugs and make everything available publicly.

Do you think Deathmatch is a good idea for Overwatch?

Of course, there wouldn't be a Deathmatch without a Team Deathmatch, with both teams vying for supremacy up to 30 kills. The new map, Chateau Guillard, will only be available for Deathmatch mode as of now, but this could change in the future.



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