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Net Neutrality Day of Action: Help preserve the open internet

13 July, 2017, 00:41 | Author: Paula Vaughn
  • The net neutrality 'Day of Action' is upon us, and here's how it will go down

Thanks in part to net neutrality, the open internet has grown to become an unrivaled source of choice, competition, innovation, free expression, and opportunity.

Rules in the United States established that internet service providers (ISPs) should not slow down, block or charge more for certain websites to be displayed faster.

Removing net neutrality protections, opponents argue, puts the power in the hands of internet providers like Comcast and Verizon - essentially handing them the keys to run the web. In the past, developers such as Lorne Lanning, the creator of the Oddworld series, have spoken out in support of net neutrality.

Campaigners claim that the removal of net neutrality would allow ISPs to "control who wins or loses on the internet".

As you make your way around the Internet today, you may notice that a few websites look a bit different than usual.

Ajit Pai, named FCC chairman by President Trump in January, aims to roll back net neutrality regulation to earlier rules that were not Title 2-based. "If you don't want to live in that future, it's time to take action".

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The vote reclassified wireless and fixed-line broadband service providers as title II "common carriers?EU?, a public utility-type designation that gives the FCC the ability to set rates, open up access to competitors and more closely regulate the industry".

These corporate criminals and their political lapdogs will keep throwing money at the wall until it breaks - and they have more money than we have bricks and mortar.

Among other rules, the FCC's 2015 regulations prohibit providers from throttling or blocking material, and prohibit them from charging higher fees for prioritized delivery. AT&T even cynically announced that it would "join" the day of action itself, despite the fact that the company has spent years fighting against the regulation that guarantees net neutrality and sued to block the new rules activists fought for and won in 2015.

If net neutrality is lost, internet service providers (ISPs) could create special "fast lanes" for content providers willing to pay more. He wasn't alone in his incredulity at AT&T's professed support of net neutrality. You don't have to be a big shot to compete. "Anyone with a great idea, a unique perspective to share, and a compelling vision can get in the game", Twitter said.

However, the newspaper says net neutrality is under fire in the U.S., as the FCC is now looking to repeal the net neutrality rules introduced in 2015.

"Without the guiding principles of net neutrality, it is entirely possible Twitter would not have come from a somewhat quirky experimental 140-character SMS service to where we are today", wrote Twitter's public policy manager Lauren Culbertson. Participants spread awareness by displaying a symbolic loading symbol on their home pages along with a call to action for users to submit comments to the FCC, similar to Wednesday's initiative.



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