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Switch back into the game

14 March, 2017, 00:22 | Author: Paula Vaughn
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No one is going to be playing emulators or pirated games on their Switch consoles quite yet, but hackers now have the ability to begin making strides in that direction. It advertises itself. It's so easy to bring with you to play on the road, you can take it anywhere, on planes, trains and automobiles.

As mentioned earlier, it's still hard to tell whether or not this is an indication of a security risk to consumers, and more than that, it's unclear whether users can use this jailbreak to load pirated games on the Switch - free of charge, of course.

Our second bit of praise for the Nintendo Switch comes from its surprising power and performance.

GameSeek's managing director Stephen Staley said the launch went well, but stock levels for the system were not zero, and there were no more Switch systems to sell.

The same person who gave iPhone and iPad users their iOS 10.2 jailbreak tool managed to access the system root of the Nintendo Switch.

"We are in communications with Nintendo but there is not a confirmed date as of yet". It's arguably not worth its $50 price tag and certainly not worth picking up a Switch just to play. You're able to play the latest games from Nintendo and a refreshed line-up from its partners. So, when exactly there will be more meat for us to bite into is unknown for now, but there are some exciting games on the way, at least.

The hacker claims they only had to tweak their existing iOS exploit to get it running on the Switch.

Snowy Friday morning commute for the midstate
I think it's time to start taking this potential seriously, as the chance of heavy snow and high winds is rising for New Jersey. Heavy snow and blowing snow could produce very hard driving conditions with very poor visibility and deep snow cover on roads.

As of right now, the Switch has had a good launch even in the United Kingdom, a territory where Nintendo has historically done bad.

But those few shortcomings aren't enough to deter purchasers from wanting a Nintendo Switch.

This seems to be the case in various markets as almost everywhere is short to sold out completely for both bundles of the Nintendo Switch. And with that information, we'll look and see what the next steps are'.

In short, if you were to ask the majority of the Nerd Much? staff if the Nintendo Switch is worth it, our simple answer would be "yes".

While the release isn't an entirely new game (we reviewed it previously here), it does have some new ways that you can play the game on the new hardware.

Said HMV's head of technology and games Phil Browes, "We satisfied all pre-orders and blasted through the remainder of our initial allocation". This got me thinking once again about what might be one of my more controversial gaming opinions, so I might as well write it down this time: Get over yourselves!



Arson bid on Indian store in US
The state attorney's office will look into whether the Friday fire should be investigated as an intentional hate crime. The prime reason that he stated was that he believed them to be of Middle-Eastern descent and of the Muslim faith.

Wonder Woman Trains To Deliver Proper Fades In New Trailer
The newest trailer teased its audience with Diana's backstory as it showed how she trained to be a warrior on her home island. Wonder Woman is a forced to be reckoned with and she's one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Comics universe.

There's a Clear Winner in Beverages: Bottled Water Tops Soda
Research from the Beverage Marketing Corporation says growing health concern about sugary drinks is a factor. Of course, just because Americans are drinking more water doesn't mean soda companies are suffering.

Congressman Raps 'Juicy' On The House Floor In Honor Of Notorious BIG
Christopher Wallace , also known as Biggie Smalls and The Notorious BIG, is remembered 20 years after his killing. If the Nets' "Biggie Night" is half as entertaining as that video, the Brooklyn fans are in for a real treat.

Fukushima 'falls under siege' of wild boars
The meltdown of the nuclear plant forced thousands of residents to abandon their homes and leave their pets and livestock behind. Before the 2011 disaster, boar meat was actually a delicacy in northern Japan, before they became too toxic to eat.