Keith Urban took four months to call Nicole Kidman

10 February, 2017, 01:43 | Author: Alicia Barber
  • 'Big Little Lies' Cast Glams Up to Premiere New HBO Series!

Big Little Lies airs in Australia on Monday, February 20 at 1pm and 8.30pm on showcase, Foxtel.

Kidman says she was immediately interested in the country superstar.

E! News caught up with Witherspoon and her chic mini-me at this week's premiere, where the actress revealed that Ava's resemblance to her has caused confusion, especially among her fans.

Ava has posted a number of pics on her own Instagram account of them together.

She does, however, want to win again so she can thank her late father, even though he never needed that recognition, because she left him out of her Oscar acceptance speech.

"She's eight and they use inappropriate language Ellen!" she explained about why Sunday isn't allowed to attend.

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Subjects included her definition of "a meaningful life" which for her is "living not for oneself, but for one's community". Something to fix tears in your community, something to make life a little better for those less fortunate than you.

Another is a touching mother's day tribute for which she wrote: "Happy mother's day to the most wonderful woman in my life!"

"I think he was shy", she later mused.

"(She said), 'I'll go with dad to the Grammys!'" Kidman recalls.

They have ridden shotgun for each other on red carpets across the globe for years, but Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will be forced apart this weekend.

Kidman was joined at the premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood by her husband, singer Keith Urban. Mother and daughter celebrated the HBO show, in which Witherspoon stars and produces, by getting decked out in similarly styled long-sleeved dresses from Elie Saab (Reese) and Haney (Ava).

You can hear all about Kidman's new show, her husband and the Academy Awards in The Ellen Show videos below.



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